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The Huldra is a beautiful forest fairy like creature which is found in scandinavia Folklore. Although there are a lot of similarities between each countries version of the huldra I'm going to break down each type of huldra by country of origin;

Hulder (Norway)
A supernatural female being which live underground in the forests. They are young beautiful woman who act as sort of wood or forest nymphs. She can at times have lynx ears, or be hollow in the back like an old tree stump. They could kidnap men but also be kidnapped by them. In one story a man comes across an hulder on his farm and throws steel on her, which weakens her and allows him to catch her. He than forces him to marry her and takes her to his village where he marries her in the church. The man, however, is unkind to her constantly insulting and her. One day he insults her when she calls him in for dinner while he's out at the smithy so she goes down and grabs the red hot horseshoe he's trying to forge and bends it with her hands. She than warns him that she could do the same to him, and from then on he is nice to her. (Kone av huldreætt)

In Nærsøkjen Huldrejente a lonley man is approached by an annoying little hulder whcih he gets rid of by throwing steel over her.

Skogsrået (Sweden)
Known as the mistress of the forest and the leader of the wild animals. She leads people in the forests astray and tries to seduce men with her great beauty. However her back is hollow like an old tree. In Dalarna and other northern mountain areas she is said to have a fox tale which some times sticks out of her dress. Those men who she sleeps with become introverted as their soul stays behind with her.
In Svealand and southern Norrland she herds cattle through the forest and sometimes has a dog. In Skane there is also a male called Skogman version called.
The Skogsrået would sometimes aid humans, if she blew into a gun that gun would never miss. She also sometimes helped girls herd their cattle.
In one tale Odin chased a Skogsrået as the quarry of his hunts for he held some grudge against them. As the Wild Huntsmen he would hunt them and kill them for his sport.

Elverpigen (Denmark)
Sort of a cross between the ideas of elves and huldra they are beautiful pale girls with hollow backs who dance circle dances through the forest they were believed to be dangerous to meet. For if they danced with a person that person would dance until they died. They were so beautiful, however, that even when men knew that they could die from dancing with thim they stil might. They might also lure people into their hill and keep them their forever, or they might drow someone in the bog. They created a dim light in the forest causing people to follow it in order to lead people astray.

There lived a farmer just across the stream who had everything he could wish for, he had four sons and two daughters. Up the river a ways lived a beautiful girl, one night she crept into the peasant's dreams and her beauty made him yearn for her all his days.