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Ten Things You Probably Didn't Know About Fairies Part 2

6-Poltergeists are Fairies
Tree fairies could live on in the boards made from their tree. These fairies would at times haunt houses, in one Norse folk tale the spirit of an elder tree haunted the room of two children. Fairies were also angered if a house was built in their paths and would cause trouble for the peopel in those houses. Rock fairies became poltergeists if they saw a human get murdered as they were sensative to violence.

Many of the things we think of as ghosts people once thought were fairies.

7-Fairies Always Between and Betwixt
Humans who died at sunset might become fairies, caught forever between living and dead. Fairies approach people when they are between stages of their life which is why they are often seen by teenagers. Fairies don't like destinations they like Journies.

Humans and nature are the mediums in fairy art which is why our lives are always in transition, because they don't like to end the story.

8-Fairy Love
Because fairies can see the future they know who they'll love before they even meet them. This is why they'll kidnap people to marry them or children to raise them, because although they've never met they know who they are 'destined' to be with.

9-Banshees and Domestic Fairies
Many fairies prefured humans and cities too nature. Banshees and their ilk would help keep specific families safe, brownies would live in homes, grants would protect cities, and nymphs were the founders of cities. Indeed people once believed that it was fairies who'd taught humans how to overcome the wilderness.

10-Fairies are Gaurdian Spirits
The reason a vampire can't enter a house unless they are invited is because the household fairy won't let them. The reason that many evil beings couldn't crause water was because the water fairies wouldn't let them. So although some fairies are dangerous many are gaurdian spirits.

The reason we knock on wood is to awaken the wood fairy within it so that it will bring us good luck.