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Fairies, Fairy Tales, Fairy Books
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The Foxes Wedding

There once lived a couple of white foxes who had a son which who’s coat was nice and smooth and unbelievably snow white like his parents. When the fox became a young adult his father told him: “It is time for you to leave the house and find yourself a woman, but if you should need any help with this come and ask me and I will assist you.”
The young fox thanked his father and began to prepare a new household with zeal. 
The question of who should become his bride was soon answered because not far from them lived another pair of white foxes who had a young daughter who was so beautiful she’d become famous. Her coat shone brightly and was as smooth as silk. But before they could wed it was necessary above all else to have the consent of her parents. So the young fox went to them with all politeness and was given their blessing to wed their daughter. So a meeting was arranged between the bride and the groom. Before the bride came to visit the groom’s home the usual barrel of Sake was brought into his den. A good day was then set for their wedding.
Finally the day came but there was horrible weather. Heavy clouds rained relentlessly. Never the less the brides procession began at the correct time and the sun began to shine just as the she set out, causing the rain to cease. All the world wondered and was pleased, and so to this day it is said that when the sun appears in the midst of a storm it is believed that a fox bride is going to her husbands house.
Once she was at her husbands home the beautiful young bride drank with her bridegroom and the two danced with delight and sang and drank to their heart’s content.
The marriage was so happy that they soon brought another beautiful little vixen into the world. They then gave thanks to the Kami Inari and asked her to protect them. So the kami faithfully kept them and their whole family from evil dogs and other enemies such that their family’s happiness lasted through many generations and into the present day.

Fairies, Fairy Tales, Fairy Books


Fairies, Fairy Tales, Fairy Books