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The Girl in the Well

Its important to understand that in Russian Fairy Tales there is an alternative world, a more magical world which exists along side the world of mortals. 

Once upon a time there was a man with a daughter who remarried. One day when the women’s stepdaughter was spinning at the side of the well she dropped her spindle into the well and went home crying.
“Why are you crying?” the girls stepmother asked.
When the girl told her stepmother what had happened the women grew angry and told her stepdaughter that she must go and not return home until she had retrieved the spindle. 
So the girl went and dove to the bottom of the well and at the bottom of the well she came to a meadow and she walked and walked until she met some shepherds. 
“Girl, help us clean up under our sheep and we’ll give you sheep and rams,” the shepherds implored. 
The girl complied and helped to clean up after the sheep and the shepherds promised to give her a sheep on her return home.
The girl then continued on until she came to a cowherd.
“Girl, help us clean up under our cows and we’ll give you cattle with a  bull,” the cow herders implored. 
So the girl helped the clean up after the cattle and they promised not to forget their debt to her. She further made them all promise that they would not hurt her on her way home.
The girl then bowed and continued on until she reached a mansion and an old women who told her that she would be well rewarded if she faithfully served the old women for a year. The girl agreed and served very well, for three years she lived with the old man and the old women and then they gave her gold. On her way home she collected her sheep and her cows and then went home. When she reached the gate the dog yelped: “tyaf, tyaf, the girl brought fold, tyaf. Tyaf.”
The girls stepmother grew jealous of her success and sent her own daughter into the well. So the woman’s daughter jumped into the well and walked along the until she met the shepherd who asked for help cleaning the sheep, but the daughter was rude and said: “That’s not what I came her for, I came her for gold. I won’t clean manure.”
She then continued on until she met the cowherd and once more she rudely rejected the cowherds offer to work.  She continued on then until she came to the mansion. But rather then work she was lazy and so after only three days the man and the women gave her a basket and sent her on her way. 
When she reached the gate she looked into the basked expecting cold but instead it was filled with frogs, and reptiles and maggots. They crawled out and clung to her and defecated all over her. She ran home then and when she got their the dog called.
Tyaf, tyaf, our daughter has come home covered in defication.
The stepmother then scolded the dog saying: “our daughter will come home with gold!” 
But then when the girl came in covered in the reptiles, and their defecation the mother rushed to hug her and they disappeared. 

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Fairies, Fairy Tales, Fairy Books


Fairies, Fairy Tales, Fairy Books