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Fairies, Fairy Tales, Fairy Books
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The Old Man and the Fox

There was once an old man and an old woman who had a daughter who was eating some beans. As she ate the beans one of them fell to the ground and grew up and up into the sky. The old man climbed up that bean stalk to a beautiful land in the sky. Thinking that his wife would be happy in the sky he went back down and then put the old women in a bag and clenching the bag in his teeth he climbed back up. When he got to the land in the sky he opened the bag to see the old woman barring her teeth.
“Why are you laughing and showing your teeth?” he asked her before realizing she was dead.
He then began to weep. 
Since he lived along with no neighbors anywhere to mourn for his wife he took a bag with three pairs of white chickens and went out to look for some when he saw a bear. 
“Bear, I need someone to mourn for me,” the old man told the bear as he gave him a chicken.
“Oh I’m so sorry for your dear wife,” the bear howled. 
“No, you cannot mourn,” the old man said and he continued on until he met a wolf who could not do any better. The farmer then met a fox who mourned for two white chickens. 
“Pour old women, for you to have died so tragically,” the fox whined.
The foxes sorrow pleased the farmer who then gave the fox more chickens until he had not left. 
“I’m sorry fox I’ve forgotten the fourth pair of chickens at home,” the farmer told the fox. “Come with me.”
When he got home the farmer took a sake and put two dogs into it with six chickens on top of them and then gave the fox the sack.
The fox took this and ran away. After a while she sat on a tree and ate a chicken, then a second, then a third, then a fourth, a fifth and a sixth. As she opened the bag for the seventh time the dogs jumped out and chased her. She hid behind a tree stump.
“Eyes, Eyes what have you done?” the fox asked her eyes.
“We’ve looked around so no dog bites you,” her eyes told her.
“Feet, feet, what have you done?” The fox asked.
“We ran and jumped so that you could escape,” the fox’s feet told her.
“Tail tail what have you done?” the fox asked her tail.
“We have snaked on every bush so that the dog could catch you,” her tail told her.
“Is that so? Then I must punish you,” the fox told her tail as she put it out for the dogs to grab.
And so the dogs grabbed her tail and pulled her out of hiding. 

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Fairies, Fairy Tales, Fairy Books


Fairies, Fairy Tales, Fairy Books