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The Fox and the Sick Lion

The Lion lay sick in his cave when the bear came to visit him.
“Does it stink in my cave?” the lion asked.
“It does smell very bad,” the bear replied.
This enraged the lion who tore the bear apart. 
The rabbit witnessed this and he went to seek revenge on the lion but when asked the same question he answered: “No it smells very good in here.”
“You lie!” the lion screamed as he flew into a rage and tore the rabbit apart. 
Then came the wolf and when the lion asked his question the wolf replied: “It doesn’t smell good or bad.”
“You lie,” the lion screamed and tore the wolf apart.
When the fox came to visit he answered the lions question by saying: “Forgive me illustrious Tsar, but I have such a bad cold that I cannot tell how it smells in here and I dare not lie.”
So the lion spared the fox because she was so clever.

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Fairies, Fairy Tales, Fairy Books


Fairies, Fairy Tales, Fairy Books