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The Two Frost Brothers

I love how playful frost comes across in this story. Typically Russian fairy tales show fairy creatures as dour, but in this story the fairies are much more playful. Although they of course their play is still at the expense of people.

Two frost brothers walked hand in hand, foot to foot through an open foot making snapping noises as they went.
“Brother Claus of the Crimson nose! We should have some fun and freeze people,” the blue nosed frost said to his red nosed brother.
“Brother Christmas of the blue nose, there are no people to freeze because the snow is drifted and the road is covered in snow, no one will come outside to pass us by,” the blue nose frost responded. “It would be better for us to go into the forest, there is less space but there will be more fun.”
So the two sibling frosts ran into the forest. They went skipping through the forest of pines causing the old spruce to crackle and the young pines to creak. They slide on loose snow, and over crusts of ice. 
They heard the sounds of bells as a gentleman road past and they began to judge who each of them should freeze as they passed.”
“Being the youngest I’d rather chase a muzhik (a muzhik is an impoverished peasant)  with an old patched coat and a hat covered in holes with practically nothing to cover his legs.,” the blue nosed frost told his older brother. “There should be one coming to chop wood. It is too difficult for me to freeze the gentlemen with is warm bear fur coat and his fox skin hat, and wolf leather boots.”
“You’re still young,” the elder red nosed frost agreed with his brother. “So you may chase the peasants and I’ll go after the gentleman. We’ll get together this eavning and see how well each of us did. Farewell for the time being.”
“Farewell brother,” the blue nosed brother agreed as he ran off whistling and snapping his fingers as he went. 
When the sun had set the two came together again in the open field to talk about their day.
“That didn’t work out the out at all,” the younger brother complained.
“Oh, Brother Claus of the blue nose, your young and simple I had no trouble freezing the wealthy man,” the elder brother laughed.
“What about his fur coat, and hat, and boots?” the younger brother asked with surprise.
“Those did not help him,” the red nose frost laughed. “I got up inside his coat, and his hat and his boots causing him to shiver so that he huddled up hoping to wrap himself so tightly that I couldn’t get in. And then I reached into his coat with my hands. So how did you do with your muzhik?”
“Oh brother claus of the Crimson nose, you played a horrible joke on me by letting me go after the muzhik, he nearly broke me in half,” the Christmas Blue Nose complained.
“I began to freeze him but he’s not weak. I even began to pinch him but only for a short time did I have fun. Then he got out of his sleigh with his ax. That’s when I got under his coat, but he began to chop the trees, sending chips flying everywhere. He worked so hard he even began to break a sweat and at the end a stream of sweat was pouring off of him.” I had to go under a sheep skin, but he got a stick and began to beat me. I tried to run but was stuck as he beat me, and battered me until my sides felt as if they were breaking. That’s when I gave up on trying to freeze the muzhik.

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Fairies, Fairy Tales, Fairy Books


Fairies, Fairy Tales, Fairy Books