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Fairies Tales
part 11
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Little Red Hood
part 1

The dark pines swept over the mountains like an inky dark sea their ancient roots cracking through the crumbling moss covered rocks of the dying mountain ranges crests, where the village seemed to float as if forever ready to be overwhelmed by the forest around it.

Oh no you don’t Lywyn told the little toddler as she snatched the knife away from him. Your too little to cut apples just yet.
Instead of accepting this however, the little boy leaned precariously out over the edge of the counter as he reached to try to grab the knife back.
Okay then Lywyn told him as she picked him up and put him on the floor. We’ll just put you down here where you can’t touch the knives.

He clung to her legs for a moment before he started pulling pots out of the cupboards scattering them across the kitchen floor.
What are you doing? Lywyn asked the child with the best stern look she could muster but all she managed to get out of him was a mischievous grin. Your impossible she told him, while trying to keep from laughing as she picked him up and put him on the counter again. I’m trying to get the food ready for dinner, but if you keep interrupting me we might just have to eat stale bread, she warned him as she started chopping the last of the apples.
He crawled along the counter restlessly as he waited for her to finish so he could ‘help’ her make the pie.
Okay I’m done, she informed him after a moment as she once more snatched him away from the knives. So you can put the apples into the pie if you want to help me she informed him as she put him next to the  bowl of apples and the pie pan then turned to pull the broiling meat out of the oven. It looks like its about done she told the little boy as she pointedly put hot platter of meat far out of his reach before turning back to help finish putting the apples in the pie crusts. Thanks she told him while he licked the last bits of apple off his hands, after they’d finished.
The door clattered open.
Mommy, the little boy cried happily as he nearly flung himself from the counter before Lywyn caught him and lowered him gently to the floor so he could run to his mother.
Hello sweety, the boys mother greeted him as she scooped him up.
Thank you for watching him Little Redhood the boys mother told Lywyn with a slight bow of respect towards the oven where she thought Lywyn must be.
Lywyn caused the wooden floor to creak in acknowledgement, for although she liked humans she felt uncomfortable speaking with or even  letting all but the youngest of them them see her.

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