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The Art of Raven's Shire
A gallery of art inspired by the stories of Raven's Shire

Raven's Shire Fairies Tales
An Old Child

An ancient fairy watched the children playing with envy. He’d never been young and carefree. He’d been born ancient, born wise. Yet he’d never actually matured so the desire to play, the need to be carefree were always with him.
“What are you doing sitting in the dirt, a nix teased him.
“Just wondering what could have been,” the ancient fairy told her. “Passing the time with regrets.”
What could you possibly regret? The nix laughed as she batted playfully at his beard.
I regret having never been young. Never having a childhood, he explained.
Don’t regret that, the nix grinned filled with mischief. I sneak in and out of peoples houses to play my games and it would be an easy thing to put you in the place of a child so that you could be raised and cuddled and loved as a baby.
The old fairy pursed his lips as he pondered the possibility, than gave a smile. Yes he nodded that would be nice.