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Fairies, Fairy Tales, Fairy Books
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Spirit Women and Unfaithful Husband
There once was a man who although he was a great hunter lived alone. Such was his loneliness that he felt a great connection with the natural world and every time he would go out onto the ocean to hunt for seal he would leave gifts on a small island for the spirits which lived there. 
One day when he went to leave his gift like this he met a beautiful women on the island who told him that she was the spirit of the island who had watched over him as he had gone hunting for many years and that she appreciated his gifts and admired him. 
The two of them soon got married and were happy for some time, the man would go hunting and bring back many game animals and the women could make the most wonderful items. Soon she was pregnant and it seemed that her happiness was complete, but the man who went out hunting soon began to wonder in his mind as well. Then one day the man went out hunting and didn't come back . The women waited and waited for the man but he did not return, but she could not go out and search for him for the baby was coming. The baby was born without the man, and for a few weeks the women lived and nursed the baby while waiting some more for the man, but he didn't come back.
Tired of waiting the women went out and began her journey to search for her husband. She traveled for many nights and days until at last she came to a hut where an old man lived with his grandson. Seeing that she was tired from her journey the old man offered to let her stay the night at his place. 
That night she told the old man and his grandson about her husband who she was looking for and they told her there was a man who matched the mans description who had moved into the village nearby. Wondering if this could be her husband the women traveled to the village that evening just as the people of the village were getting together for a celebration in a large house. The women went into the house and soon spotted her husband with another women. Angry the women got up and sang of her sorrow and her journey and as she did so the roof caved in and crushed her unfaithful husband while she ran back to the old mans house. She stayed there for some time and soon fell in love with the old mans grandson and married him.

Fairies, Fairy Tales, Fairy Books


Fairies, Fairy Tales, Fairy Books