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Primal Fairies
part 1

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The Fairies dancing through the silent snow, they are wispy and slight, being both magical and helpless. 
Like a whisper the fairies songs drifted over the primordial mountain forests before disappearing into the thick blanket of snow which absorbed every sound, leaving the high mountains shrouded in silence. Kivi couldn’t hear the fairies song from his buried beneath the thick winters fall, but the stone fairy  knew it was there. He knew the trees were dancing with the water nyx’s. That the sprites and kobolds were playing and that the fauns were chasing them all.
Ever curious about the lives and secrets the of other fairies Kivi ghosted up through the snow to spy on their play. As the sunlight playfully kissed his face the trees whispered of his coming warning the ravens who tired of his pranks circled high into the sky. Kivi sighed, he couldn’t get away with much anymore. A young birch tree laughed at his dismay as she danced around him.
"Yes, yes,” Kivi groaned, “its all very funny.”
The birch tree turned raucous with her laughter and Kivi rolled his eyes as he climbed the young birch to get a better view of the elves below.
“Strange aren’t they?” The tree told him as she climbed up beside beside him. “Their bodies are like animals so they have to build homes like little prisons for themselves.”
“I don’t know,” Kivi disagreed as evening turned to twilight turning the sky pink. “I think it seems rather freeing. They can build their homes wherever they want ours will always be right here no matter how much we might wish to move it closer to somewhere else.”
“I guess so,” the birch tree conceded as the shrieks of an angry north wind starting to drown out her voice. Another heavy gust swept the snow against her bare branches causing her to shiver. “Its so cold,” she complained.
“Shhh,” Kivi scowleded at her. “Grandfather Frost is coming, you don’t want him to hear you complain about being cold.”
But Grandfather frost was already there, riding on his wife the North Wind. He stretched out his hand and painted the land with an ever thicker layer of frost, freezing the water in the trees. An ancient birch tree groaned with pain then cracked just once before collapsing in an explosion of splintered wood and ice. The tree’s soul cried in agony as it died and the other fairies screamed with fear as they rushed back towards their trees. 23
The Young Birch joined their cries of fear fear and vanished inside herself as Grandfather frost stretched out his hand again and painted the landscape with crystals that shined pink in the red twilight. Another tree collapsed with a scream, than another and another. The fairies groaned in pain as they felt the cold cracking their wood and for the first time they truly feared the coming of the cold night.
Only the ancient Oak stood strong against Grandfather Frost, from atop her tree she tried to keep the land warm but there was little she could do.
Kivi leapt up beside her causing her frozen branches to groan with protest under his weight.
“What can I do to help?” He asked her.
“Very little I’m afraid,” she told him, “since Grandfather Frost has remarried the North Wind I fear there’s going to be another Ice Age and soon the Glaciers shall cover these lands again.”