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Primal Fairies
part 2
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Kivi speaks with the wind spirits.


“Perhaps another wind could help,” Kivi screamed above a giant gust.
“I worry that more wind might only freeze us faster,” the Oak Tree called back the snow buffeting her face now.
Kivi pursed his lips as he watched the trees bending in the wind and cracking in the cold. He couldn’t watch them all die. He looked towards the setting sun and decided to ask the wind of the west if perhaps it could help.
Kivi jumped down and slide down the mountain to search for the West Wind. He found her sleeping in the caverns of the deep valleys.
“Can you help protect the trees from Grandfather Frost and The North Wind?” Kivi asked her with a deep bow.
“I blow across the great seas the West Wind told him and am too tired from my journey to wish to do so, perhaps my brother the East Wind could help however,” The West Wind suggested.
So Kivi traveled East across the grasslands but the King of the Steppes blocked his path.
“What are you doing in my land, little rock?” The King of the Steppes challenged him.
“I’m seeking help from the East Wind,” Kivi told the King of the Steppes who laughed loudly at the very idea. “The East Wind Belongs to me,” the Steppes told him. “Leave this land and never return.”
So Kivi returned to his land down hearted for the North Wind raged and Grandfather Frost laughed as they wrecked havoc on the trees.
The moon looked down on his Lamentations and bent his head down low. “Seek Sugaar the South Wind,” the Moon told him.
“Sugaar, the Bringer of Storms and hurricanes?” Kivi asked with surprise.
“Yes,” the Moon told him, “for Sugaar always blows warm and he and his sister the North Wind are always at war one with another.”
So Kivi traveled to caves beneath the mountains to seek Sugaar the Bringer of Storms, the South Wind. Into the dragons den he crept ever anxious at the throught of meeting the beast but determined to save 
the trees Kivi sought Sugaar. As the dragon slept, his snores blowing gales of hot air through the cave, so Kivi knew this was the right choice.
“Your sister the North Wind is taking over the world my lord,” Kivi woke Sugaar in a panic.
“What?” Sugaar growled with rage.
“Your sister the North Wind seeks to usurp your power,” Kivi told Sugaar slyly. S”he and her husband Grandfather Frost are bringing back the glaciers to freeze you within these caves so that you can never again bring the hot summer storm or rain to the mountains. “
 Sugaar scowled at the mention of his sister and her husband for he’d never liked either of them. So he burst from his cave with a rare boom of winter thunder and buffeted the freezing land with warm wet air. Seeing his beautiful frost beginning to melt under the warm winds Grandfather Frost and the North Wind began to wrestle with Sugaar pushing him back all through the night until at last the morning sun rose. The Suns Warmth saw Sugaar struggling against two fearsome foes and was thus inspired, so roused herself and descended at last from the sky to join him in wrestling against Grandfather Frost and the North Wind and together they beat back the cold.
Exhausted when the battle was won the Suns Warmth and Sugaar laid down one with the other and soon bore a child whom they named Udaberrian,The Spring, the end of winter, so that never again would Grandfather Frost and the North Wind be able to take over the world.
The trees grateful for what Kivi had done for them crowned him with moss and promised that they would forever after keep his secrets whatever those might be.

Time passed like breath, the mountains rose taller, the animals came and went and even trees grew and fell but Kivi never aged. Always ancient but never mature he played his pranks and danced among the tree fairies who never forgot the gift he’d given them.

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