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Primal Fairies
part 5
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“You should show your father what you’ve learned ,”Kivi told her slyly as dawn danced gracefully across the sky.
“I don’t know,” Ur-Jauzi said nervously. “He’s such a wonderful artist I’m worried he won’t be pleased, that he’ll be disapointed in me.”
“Don’t worry,” Kivi assured her, “you have become even better than I.”
“Now your just teasing me,” Ur-Jauzi laughed.
“No,” Kivi reasured her as he felt conflict growing in the soul that most loved and admired the waterfall. “I’m telling you the truth you are a beautiful singer, and a beautiful waterfall. Lucky are the rocks which you run over,” he told her. “I wish I could be one of them.”

“You really think I’m ready?” Ur-Jauzi aked shyly.
“Yes,” Kivi reassured her. “Your father returns. Go sing to him.”
“Okay,” Ur-Jauzi agreed as she gave Kivi a gentle, grateful kiss before running out of the forest. “Hello father,” she greeted Vaairie who was grumbling his secrets too faintly for anyone to hear as he always did.
“Hello,” he greated his beautiful daughter his voice sounding exhausted from all the work he’d done.
“You sound tired,” she told him as she made up a bed of leaves and moss for him. “Lay here she told him and I’ll sing for you.”
Anxious to please his child but concerned with how her singing might be Vaairie sat on the leaves and waited tensely for his daughter to babble obnoxiously. Instead her voice came out as pure as her waters.  Ur-Jauzi sang of the salmon that rested underneath her and the ice that grew across her in the winter time her voice so pure that for the first time in hundreds of years  her father laid back. Ur-Jauzi sang of the comings and goings of the cherry blossoms in the spring and her father closed his eyes.
Ur-Jauzi sang of the mountains growing and shrinking, than the stillness of the forest as she’d been taught her voice growing so soft that her father fell asleep for the first time in a thousand years. Happy that she’d done so well Ur-Jauzi kissed him gently on the head before running back to her waterfall to rest.
Kivi crept quitly out of the forest and put his ear to the lips of the the grumbling god and listened as he slept to the secrets he whispered. To his thoughts on the earth and sky. To the ways of the world. Kivi listened and listened until at last it seemed he should burst with all the knowledge he’d gained. Always cautious however Kivi decided to pretend for a time that he’d learned nothing so that no one would suspect where he’d gained the knowledge but for the trees who would keep his secret.

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