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Primal Fairies
part 6
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Beginning of Once Upon a Time Continued

The girl was looking carefully around the woods as she searched for something, for food Kivi remembered. But she had acorns, so what else could she need? Perhaps acorns were not enough he realized as he recalled the bears and squirrels that ate both acorns and meat. He leapt to a young lightning struck pine that giggled gleefully as he tickled her branches causing the girl to look up.Kivi ducked back into the branches beside the pine fairy who was grinning at him.
“Shhh,” he told her.
What are you following she whispered as she pressed her face against his cheek, her over enthusiastic voice causing the tree to sway and rustle.
“I’m not sure, but the Forest Queen thinks its related to an ash fairy, but its mixed with an animal so its different somehow,” Kivi explained.
Overcome with curiosity the young pine fairy peeked out from her branches to find her eyes locked with the girl who smiled up at her. The pine fairy pulled back into the safety of her branches with a startled yelp.
“That was scary,” she shuttered as she hugged herself.
“Its strange isn’t it?” Kivi asked, “that something which seems so flimsily could have such an powerful gaze.”
The girl tore piece of cloth from her garment and hung it in the tree apologizing to the young pine for startling it.
“She seems nice though,” the pine said as she absorbed the remnants of spirit power inherent in a sacrifice made by one for another..
“I want to help her,” Kivi told the young pine, “she seems like she’s in some sort of trouble.”
“I want to come to,” the pine told him as she peeked out at the girl who was continuing on with her hunt..
“You need to be quite,” Kivi told her, “or else she’ll look at us again.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll try my best,” the Pine promised.
Kivi bit back a retort as he started to follow the girl through the trees once more.

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