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Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales
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Be inspired by thousands of years of history, folk lore and fairy tales.
The Frog King
The Valiant Little Tailor
Godfather Death
Thumbling as Journeyman
Sleeping Beauty
King Thrushbeard
Little Snow White
Little Red-Cap
The Elves
The Giant and the Taylor

The Old Man and His Grandson
The Children of an old man grown and married are unsympothetic towards their father, then their grandson teaches them a lesson, a short common folktale of less then a page.

The Singing Soaring Lark
A merchant tries to get his daughter a singing lark as a gift, but is attacked by a lion who makes him promise his daughters hand in marrage. As in many fairy tale stories the lion turns out to be a prince however he takes human form every night so they sleep through the day. However the prince is later turned into a dove which flys away causing the maid to search for him for seven years before freeing him from an evil sorceress.

The Goose Girl
A Princess goes to marry a Prince however on the way her maid makes a switch so that those in the palace thing the maid is the princess. The Princess is forced to become a goose girl and walk past her dead horse (killed by the maid) every day. However the dead horse reveals her true identity. A strange sort of fairy tale of medium length.

The Young Giant
A Strang folk story of a thumbling boy who is suckeled by a giant until he is a giant himself, then he performs feats of strength and hard work, and in return demands the right to give powerful blows to his employers.

The Gnomes and the Princess
A king has a special apple tree he has laid a curse on so that when his daughters try to eat it they are sucked into the ground. The king not knowing what happened to them offers rich rewards to rescue them. A little later a gnome is rude to a huntsman who beats the gnome, so that the gnome tells him how to rescue the princess to make him stop.

The King of the Golden Mountain
A father accidently gives his son to a dwarf, however the son later growing smart has himself bless to be protected. And so the dwarf can't take him but instead has him set adrift in a boat. The boy rescues a princess from a curse and becomes a king. But his wife leaves him, and he must win her back with powerful magical items.

The Raven
A queen changes her daughter into a raven by accedient, with some of the same elements as The King of the Golden Mountain, only a slightly less heroic character and a happier end.

The Peasants Wise Daughter
A king gives some peasants a land grant and on the land they find a mortor of gold, the father wishes to present it to the king but the daughter says the king will merely put him in prison if he does so. However the father still gifts it to the king and the daughter must free him by solving a riddle. The king seeing how smart the girl is marries him, but he is a fool and later bad rulings cause him to expel her for she is wise and it causes them to fight.

The Three Little Birds
The Story of a peasant girl who marries the queen and has three children, causing her sisters to grow jealous so that they throw her babies into the water. A fishermen finds each of them and raises them.

The Water of Life
A king with three sons is sick and on his death bed, so the sons set out each in their turn to fetch the water of life to cure their father. The eldest two are haughty and rude to a dwarf which tries to speak with them, so he curses them. The youngest one however is polite to the dwarf, and so he is granted the ability to get the water of life.

The Spirit in a Bottle
A poor father tries to put his son through school, but they eventually cannot afford the tuition and the son must return home. While helping his father with chores the son finds a bottle with a magical spirit trapped inside it.

The Three Little Men in the Wood
Another fairy tale story in which a girl is mistreated by her stepmother and is sent into the winter snow to gather strawberries, for the step mother hopes that the girl should freeze to death. Instead the girl makes friends with some magical little men in the woods.

The Three Spinners
A woman brags that her daughter is the greatest spinner so the queen takes her to spin thread, the girl is scared but receives help from three deformed women. The Queen being impressed gives the girl to her son to marry. An interesting fairy tale because it is a joke as much as a story.

Hansel and Gretel
Two children are abandoned in the woods by their parents because of a famine. They then are captured by a witch who plans to eat them. One of the darker fairy tale stories yet still a children's classic.

The Girl Without Hands
The Devil attempts to destroy a good and pious girl, taking her hands, but she manages to marry the king, then the devil has her banished through trickery, but the pious girl will always make it through.

Clever Hans
A boy goes to his bride and gets gifts, but he always does the wrong thing with them, carrying a calf on his head, dragging bacon on the ground, etc. A funny folktale on which another American Fairy tale story is based.

The Three Languages
A young man is sent by his father to learn something but he comes back and says he has learned what the frogs say, what dogs say, and what birds say. Angry his father banishes him, however the young man has actually learned to speak the animal languagues, not just their sounds. And so he uses this knowledge to become the Pope.

The Frog King
Many call this Fairy Tale The Frog Prince, and think that it is about the power of love, however for those who think they know the tale but have never read the true version, this story ends much differently then most would imagine.

Our Lady's Child
A girl is taken up to live with the Virgin Mary in heaven, however the girl is disobediant and sent to Earth, and will not repent until she is put to the stake to be burnt. One of the religious folktales that teaches of repentince.

The Story of a Youth who went forth to Learn What Fear Was
A funny folktale about a boy who does not know what fear is. He therefore sets out to discover it and in the process defeats many evil things.

The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids
A wolf pertends to be some goats mother and so devours all but one. However the real mother manages to cut her kids out of the goat.

Faithful John
The servents are jealous of a faithful servent and so eventually convince the king to kill him wrongfully, and only after the death of the servent does the king realize his error. However this fairy tale gives the king a chance to bring his servent back to life, if he trusts the servent enough to kill his own children.

The Good Bargain
A story of a foolish peasant who throws his money at frogs, and his product to the dogs in anger. He however makes the Kings daughter laugh in the process, that however is not the end as he turns the kings rewards down only to get others. (This is a very anti-semitic tale)

The Twelve Brothers
In a twist on the fairy tales this story begins with a father wishing to kill his sons, afraid for her children the boy's mother has them flee into the woods. Later their sister goes in search of them and they live together happily for a time, until the boys are turned into ravens. To free them their sister must go through a number of trials.

Brother and Sister
Brother and sister is the story of siblings who escape their wicked step mother, on the way however the boy is changed into a roebuck. As they grow the brother (as a stag) becomes the target of a prince on a hunting trip, he however manages to escape leading the prince to his sister.

The Three Snake Leaves
A man merries a princess who demands that anyone who merries her should be buried alive with her if she dies first. And then she does in fact die, so he is put in the crypt with her, until by chance he sees a snake use magic to bring her to life. He copies this magic, bringing his wife to life and they are freed from the crypts. However the princess is changed and tries to murder him some time later.

The Valiant Little Tailor
In this fairy tale story a tailor kills 7 flys with a single swat, and then sets out impressed with himself. He uses cleaverness and courage to defeat many creatures from giants to unicorns. And so marries the princess, however she is not happy being wed to a tailor, so her and her father try to get rid of the tailor, but he outsmarts them in this as well.

The fairy tale story of a girl who's wicked step mother tries to turn her into a servent. She however overcomes this with magical help and marries the prince. Unlike the versions you might know this story involves Cinderella and the prince dating for a time before they marry and the horrible punishment that follows.

The Riddle
A fairy tale story of a princess adventures as he meets a witch in the woods, and and in full of bandits. He then falls in love with a princess who will marry anyone who can stump her with a riddle.

Mother Holle
The fairy tale story of a girl who has a mother who does not lover her and sends her off into the woods. There the mother works for the magical Mother Holle and so is rewarded with great riches.



The Old Man and His Grandson
The Singing Soaring Lark
The Goose Girl
The Young Giant
The Gnomes and the Princess
The King of the Golden Mountain
The Raven
The Peasants Wise Daughter
The Three Little Birds
The Water of Life
The Spirit in a Bottle
The Three Little Men in the Wood
The Three Spinners
Hansel and Gretel
The Girl Without Hands
Clever Hans
The three Languages
The Frog King
Our Lady's Child
The Story of a Youth who went forth to Learn What Fear Was
The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids
Faithful John
The Good Bargain
The Twelve Brothers
Brother and Sister
The Three Snake Leaves
The Valiant Little Tailor
The Riddle
Mother Holle
The Robber Bridegroom
The Godfather
Frau Trude
Godfather Death
Thumbling as Journeyman
Fitcher's Bird
The Juniper Tree
Old Sultan
The Six Swans
Little Briar Rose
King Thrushbeard
Little Snow White
The Knapsack, the Hat, and the Horn
Sweetheart Roland
The Golden Bird
The Two Brothers
The Queen Bee
The Three Feathers
The Golden Goose
The Seven Ravens
Little Red-Cap
The Singing Bone
The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs
Clever Elsie
The Wishing Table, the Gold Ass, and the Cudgel in the Sack
The Elves
The Hares Bride
The Twevle Huntsmen
The Theif and his Master
The Three Sons of Fortune
How Six Men Got on in the World
Gossip Wolf and Fox
The Pink
The Devils Brother
The Willow Wrean and the Bear
Sweet Porridge
Wise Folks
Stories about Snakes
The Poor Millers boy and the cat
The Two Travellers
Hans the Hedgehog
The Shroud
The Skillful Huntsman
The Cunning Little Tailor
The Bright Sun Brings it to Light
The Blue Light
The Wilful Child
The Kings Son who Feared Nothing
Donkey Cabbages
The Old Woman in the Wood
The Three Brothers
The Devil and His Grandmother
Ferdinand the Faithful
The Iron Stove
The Four Skillful Brothers
One Eye, Two Eyes, and Three Eyes
Fair Katrinelje and Pif Paf Poltrie
The Shoes that Were Danced to Pieces
The Six Servants
The White Bride and the Black One
Iron John
The Three Black Princesses
Knoist and His Three Sons
The Maid of Brakel
DOmestic Servents
Snow White and Rose Red
The Glass Coffin
Lazy Harry
The Griffin
Strong Hans
The Hut in the Forest
The Goose Girl at the Well
The Ear of Corn
Old Rinkrank
The Lambkin and the Little Fish
Eve's Various Children
The Nix of the Mill Pond
The Poor Boy in the Grave
The True Sweetheart
The Spindle, the Shuttle, and the Needle
The Sea Hare
The Master Thief
The Drummer
Simeli Mountain
Going A Travelling
The Donkey
The Ungratefull Son
The Turnip
The Old Man Made Young Again
The Three Sluggards
The Star Money
The Stolen Farthings
Brides on their Trial
The Sparrow and His Four Children
The Crystal Ball
Maid Maleen
St Joseph in the FOrest
The Twelve Apostles
The Rose
Poverty and Humility Lead to Heaven
God's Food
The Three Green Twigs
The Aged Mother
The Hazel Branch
Cat and Mouse in Partnership
The Wonderful Musician
The Pack of Ragamuffins
The Straw, the Coal, and the Bean
The Fishermen and his wife
The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage
The Nix
Brother Lustig
Hans in Luck
Hans Married
The Gold Children
The Bremen Town Musicians
The Louse and the Flea
The Tailor In Heaven
The Wedding of Mrs Fox
The Elves, Third Story
Herr Korbes
The Dog and the Sparrow
Frederick and Catherine
The Little Peasant
Jorinda and Joringel
The Wolf and the Man
The Wolf and the Fox
The Fox and the Cat
Clever Gretel
The Death of the Little Hen
Gambling Hansel
The Fox and the Geese
The Riddling Tale
The Wise Servent
The Peasant in Heaven
Lean Lisa
Sharing Joy and Sorrow
The Willow Wren
The Sole
The Bitten and the Hoopoe
The Owl
The Moon
The Hare and the Hedgehog
The Peasant and the Devil
The Crumbs on the Table
The Grave Mound
The boots of Buffalo Leather
The Poor Man and the Rich Man
Old Hildebrand
Docktor Know All
The Jew Among the Thorns
The Flail from Heaven
The Three Army Surgeons
The Seven Swabians
The DUration of Life
Death's Messangers
Master Pfriem
The Little Folks Presents
The Giant and the Taylor
The Nail
The Three Apprentices
The Lazy Spinnder
The Fox and the Horse
The Lord's Animals and the Devil's
The Beam
The Old Begger Woman
Odds and Ends
The Story of Schlauraffen Land
The Ditmarsch of Wonders