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THE belief in Fairies or Elves was formerly very prevalent in the Isle of Man, and cannot be said to have altogether died out even at the present day. The Manx conception of a Fairy seems to be very much the same as that in other Celtic lands, with, perhaps, a tinge of the somewhat more sombre Scandinavian superstition. They are supposed to be like human beings in form and feature, though very much smaller and more delicately constructed. At a distance they seem to be handsome, but on closer inspection they are often found to be decrepit and withered.

Understanding the Celtic Fairies in Fairy Tales, 
ch 1 - Origins of the Celtic people.

Dark forests rise like cresting waves up and down the mountain and hill side before crashing at last into the sea. The stillness of this dark forest is broken only the sound of a fairies song which could be heard, long after the forests gave way to farm and fields. 

In 1877 Queen Victoria took a boat out to a small island in center of Loch Maree and there like hundreds even thousands before her she nailed a coin into an old tree, a votive offering for the fairy within in return that her wish might be granted. Nearby sat a pool which was said to have cured people of lunacy at one time, and a small glade of trees in which ancient rituals had been performed only a few hundred years before.
A Short List of Stories

An old man is punished by the fairies for misusing some money they gave to him.

An explination of the symbol of Wales

Kaddy's Luck
Luck granted to a girl by the fairy folk.

A fairy tale of the friendship between the King of Wales and the King of the Fairies, in this story they switch places earch ruling the others land so that the King of Wales may slay a mortal enemy of the fairy king.

Some Fairies battle the evil of an wicked witch.

Discover the motivation and personalities of the fairies in Fairy Tales
Writer's Guide to Fairies

A Writer's Guide to Fairies, Witches, and Vampires uses folklore and belief to explore the backgrounds, motivations, and personality traits people most commonly believed that fairies had.

This book will provide you with tools to understand the fairies in that encyclopedia of fairies with short entries or the fairytales you love.
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