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Primal Fairies
part 10
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"I did that," Ke nodded slowly. "But it was almost like they were afraid of it, all they would say is that birds were the messenger's for the other side so they couldn’t trust them."
"Other side?" Kivi shook his head with surprise. "It sort of sounds like they're preparing for a war."
Ke laughed, "I wonder which fairy king made them mad enough to be so secretive?"
Kivi bit his lip, it did seem odd. wars could be brutal between the fairies but the Jentils were much more peaceful than that, they’d never fought long or violently enough for there to be any real preparation at all. And now the decedents of the ash fairies, the humans were being driven into the mountains for the first time.
"Strange," Kivi admitted at last. "If I were you I’d stay away from it" he warned the young pine fairy. "Your too silly to get involved in a war yet."
Ke laughed her acknowledgement.
"What are you doing?" Kivi asked Ahuntz who was circling one of the rocks sniffing it carefully.
"I was just wondering if one of your sisters would like to come out at talk," Ahuntz explained.
"It's doubtful that anyone is coming out so long as your here," Kivi chuckled..
Ahuntz sighed as he sat among the leaves.
"I told him he needed to learn how to sing. He’s far too ugly for anyone to talk to unless he’s good at something else," Ke mocked Ahuntz.
Ahuntz scowled," I looked just fine as a goat, now all of a sudden I’m ugly."
"But immortal" Kivi reminded him, "so you have all the time in the world to figure it out."
"Hello, may I come up" Laino called respectfully up the side of the mountain giving Ke and Ahuntz time to hide among the trees before she started to make her way back up. Kivi thought for a moment about staying on top of his rock to speak with her but as before, her gaze  made him feel so uncomfortable he scrambled back behind his rock and hid away.
"I’m sorry to bother you again" the human girl apologized as she walked up the side of the hill and placed some roasted goat on his rock along with a small figurine of a bulging human.
Kivi felt the uncontrollable rush of gratitude wash over him as she smiled gently. "I need to know if it would be okay for my village to stay here for a few days, we lost our food stores and we need a base camp to hunt from. Please send me some sign to let me know" she finished before laying down beside his rock and purposefully struggled to put herself to sleep.
"What do you think?" Kivi asked his sibblings as he climbed back out of his rock.
"I do feel sorry for them one of his little sisters told him. Its just she makes me feel so nervious."
"It shouldn’t take very long for them to replenish their food stores," Kivi mused. "So as long as they're not here for longer than a few days it might be worth it to help them out."
"I suppose" his siblings agreed.
"What do you think?" Kivi asked the Queen of the Forest as he climbed up her side to visit her spirit.
"We owe you our everything," she told him. "So if you decide that this is something you want I’ll allow it for the time being."
"Thank you" Kivi told her as he gave her the small statue Laino had given to him.
You may stay here until you have gathered enough food to move on, Kivi let Laino in her dreams.

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