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Primal Fairies
part 9
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Ahuntz’s legs wobbled as he tried his best to creep silently through the forest. But no matter how hard he tried, he kept kicking through the thick layer of leaves on the ground because he was still nervous about lifting his feet too high. The young Satyr wasn’t used to his new body yet, it had only been a few days since he’d been reincarnated from being a goat, into a humanoid fairy retaining only his horns and his goat like  hind legs. His forelegs had become arms which he barley knew how to use. He paused as he drew closer to his target hoping that the water fairy hadn’t heard him yet. Encouraged by her lack of movement he started
sneaking up on her again. This time he lifted his legs higher as he tried to avoid kicking up anymore leaves, closer and closer he crept to the water fairy. One step then another but before he could reach his goal he stumbled over a tree root. Forgetting that he no longer had front legs, he reached out with his arms to catch himself and crashed into the pile of leaves causing the water fairy to look back at him with a giggle of delight as he tried to scramble up through the pile of leaves before she could get away. She laughed mockingly at him knowing web-p2-6
that he still wasn’t anywhere near fast enough to catch her. She pranced up to him and kicked some leaves over his face before skipping away and disappearing back into her waterfall.
Ahuntz screamed in frustration, his voice causing the mountain to quake as he began his tantrum. He struck the ground so hard that clusters of trees went crashing to the earth. He’d picked up a large rock to hurtle down the side of the mountain when he spied the Soul of the Young Pine Tree which had helped to create him peeking nervously out from behind an old birch.
"Are you done?" she giggled timidly.
"For you, of course I am," Ahuntz consented as he dropped the rock onto the ground with a loud thud.
"Good" she smiled as she skipped up the hill, kicking through the leaves, a flock of song birds darting around her as she came.
"So you're looking lovely today Ke," the satyr grinned stupidly at the pine fairy as he followed her up the hill towards Kivi’s rock.
"Stop it," Ke rolled her eyes. "I’m sort of like your mother."
"I don’t see how," Ahuntz told her. "It's not like you gave birth to me."
"Welcome to our world, its a little confusing for everyone who enters it at first," Ke laughed.
"It's just so frustrating," Ahuntz scowled. "Fairies play games... before, all I had to do was beat my head against another goats until they collapsed and just like that I had a mate. Now I sneak, I play, I beg, cajole, and nothing seems to work."
"Have you tried singing?" Ke grinned at him.
Ahuntz gave a confused grunt. "Singing? Why would singing work?"
"Look at the song birds," Ke explained. "They sing and it works out just fine for them. Fairies like songs and cleverness and creators of beauty. You carve a pretty statue, sing a song that makes them cry and they’ll love you. Whether or not they love you enough remains to be seen, but its the best choice you have."
"If you say so" Ahuntz grumbled.
"Hey Kivi," Ke called out happily as they crested the hill so that the rock fairies bolder came into sight.
"Your friend is back," Kivi’s sister observed from inside her rock.
"I can see that" Kivi sighed as the young pine fairy fluttered up to him and pressed her forehead against his rock.
"Hey how come he gets that greeting?" Ahunz protested.
"Because it annoys him," Ke laughed.
"What do you want Ke?" Kivi grumbled, trying his best to keep his voice grouchy.
"Nothing really" Ke said absently, "I was just bored."
"You're surrounded by pine trees, birds, a mountain and a waterfall plus a satyr. You could visit any of them."
"But I want to visit you" Ke told him as she climbed up the side of his rock.
"Fine I’ll come out" Kivi gave in.
"Hello" Ke greeted him again pressing her forehead into his cheek just as his face emerged from his rock. "The Jentils are building something, its like a mountain of rocks," she announced.
"Did you ask why?" Kivi asked "or did you just come here to tell me about it?"
"I’m afraid to talk to them," Ke frowned.
"Send one of the birds to ask them than," Kivi advised her.

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