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Primal Fairies
part 11
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"Myrddin get down here now! your going to make her mad," Raun yelled at her little human brother who was already fifteen feet up an especially grouchy ancient elder tree.
"I just want a few flowers" Myrddin assured his sister as he jumped up another nine feet to the most flower laden branch.
"There are a few flowers on her children," Raun called up to Myrddin, "I can help you pick those."
"They're too young, elder flowers get better with age," Myrddin explained as he carefully plucked the soft white flowers from the tree branches
"Get down here now," Raun Lois yelled again in a frustration as she stomped her foot causing a gust of wind and leaves to fly up nearly knocking Myrddin out of the tree.   
But the young boy blew back against the wind reversing it onto his fairy sister who crinkled her face in frustration.
A scream echoed through the forest before Raun could retort.
"What was that?" Myrddin asked, looking around.
"Probably someone else dumb enough to climb an Elder Tree," Raun whispered to her brother.
Another scream echoed through the forest than another and another.
"I’m serious" Myrddin told his sister as he leapt from the elder tree to the top of a much taller birch to get a better look. A moment later Raun was beside him looking out over the dense forest as the screams grew more frequent.
Raun pursed her lips as she gazed northward, the humans were fighting another battle. But this was different, usually the sides were more evenly matched. Not this time however, for this  was more like a massacre. Thunder roared in the sky above them causing Raun to look up nervously.
"Come on Myrddin," Raun demanded as she grabbed his hand, her tone no longer giving any room for argument. "We need to go home right now."

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