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Primal Fairies
part 12
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Kivi started to doubt that he’d done the right thing by allowing the humans to stay there, even if only temporarily as he anxiously watched them trudge up the side of the mountain. For although he’d felt uncomfortable with Laino around it hadn’t been very bad and it had been balanced by the wonderful emotions he felt when she gave him gifts, or the concern he felt for her. So he hadn’t realized just how anxious six dozen humans could make him feel, nor had he really realized what it meant when she had said that her people were fleeing from an enemy until he saw them helping their wounded up the side of the mountain. It seemed that most of the adults who had survived the battle could barely walk and although he’d helped many animals hunt each others for food, 
humans were far too closely related to fairies for him to avoid feeling ill at the sight of their injuries. The thought of violence between them scared him. though not as much as the realization that this violence may have spread to the Jentils as well which meant that no one was safe.
"I’m a little worried now that we’re going to get dragged into what ever war may have driven them here," Kivi admitted to the Ke as she joined him on his rock to watch the refugees climb up the mountain.
Ke gave a nervous giggle in reply as she gazed down the mountain at the oncoming humans. 
"I just didn’t take into account how strange it would feel to have so many of them this close to me," Kivi confessed.
"How long do you think they’ll stay here?" Ke whispered nervously.
"I don’t think it’ll take very long for them to gather the food they need," Kivi told her. "But I actually don’t know for certain. Still, whatever happens your tree isn’t very close to them so it shouldn’t disturb you that much."
"Are you saying you want me around?" Ke whimpered as she pressed her face against Kivi’s causing him to sigh heavily.
"Can we come up?" Laino called up the side of the mountain pausing as usual before making her way towards them. Kivi breathed a sigh of relief as he relalized that only one old man was walking up the mountain beside her.
"I think their stopping," Kivi smiled at last happy that it appeared most of the humans would be setting up camp a few hundred feet away from him. "They must know how anxious they make us," Kivi nodded happily.
"What about all the little trees that live down there?" their she reminded him.
"The humans have to live somewhere" Kivi noted, but they don’t seem to be as concerned with young trees.
"That’s mean" Ke pouted as she looked sympathetically at the trees which the humans had started pitching their tents under.
"They’ll be gone soon," Kivi assured her with a pat on her head before he ducked down inside his rock. Ke watched the little trees below with concern for a few more seconds before jumping up into the giant oak to avoid being seen.
"Thank you wise ones" the old man bowed just before he finished approaching  Kivi’s stone and the Giant Oak tree it leaned on. Laino started singing gently, her voice soothing Kivi and the other fairies anxious souls as she hung bright rolls of cloth from each tree and stone.
The old man slit a birds throat on top of Kivi’s rock causing him to feel a flood of energy wash over him.
I should have realized that whatever tricks Laino might be able to perform would be nothing compaired to what a village could Kivi mused as he felt suddenly so ephoric that he no longer wondered if he’d done the right thing by letting the humans stay here, instead he began to wonder if he could do even more for them.
Down below him the humans had started to hang cloth from the little trees around them, their songs joining Laino’s.

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