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Primal Fairies
part 13

p2-16 "You shouldn’t take chances like that" Raun scolded her brother as they made their way through the forest back to her pool. "Father would be furious if he found out what you’d been doing."
"Who says I was taking chances" Myrddin grinned at her as he showed her a fresh cut on his palm.
"You gave the elder tree some of your blood so you could pick the flowers didn’t you?" Raun accused Merlin who nodded in affirmation.
"And I suppose you didn’t tell me to scare me to death," Ruan scowled.
"Pretty much" Myrddin grinned mischievously at his sister. "Honestly though, you should of guessed, I mean how stupid do you think I am?"
"Pretty stupid," Raun huffed. "And annoying, and troublesome" she continued causing Myrddin to laugh.
"Your far to serious," Myrddin told his sister. "I think Ur-Jauzi or any of our other sisters would have laughed, or even tried to help me steal the flowers."
"Yeah well, one of us has to take care of you now that fathers gone," Raun informed him. Most of the others wouldn’t even remember that you couldn’t breath underwater or would try to feed you fairy food or would just forget about you all together as they prance around everywhere. And as for Ur-Jauzi she just spends all day singing, she can’t even take care of herself much less you.
"I’m not helpless" Myrddin protested but she wasn’t listening to him anymore. He frowned as he assumed that her mind had wondered ahead or into the future as it was often prone to do.
"Something is wrong," she whispered as she closed her eyes to get a better look. "You stay here," she ordered her brother causing his heart to race, for although he’d done plenty of things that had caused her to be concerned, he’d never actually heard fear in her voice before. "I mean it!" she called back as she went running through the forest leaving him torn between the desire to follow her to find out what was wrong and the dread of knowing what might be.
Raun felt her soul quivering with fear as she tasted fairy blood in the pool of water that was her home. Something was very very wrong and despite the fact that whatever was wrong was taking place in her pool she couldn’t see it. She couldn’t even see what might happen in the future near her pool any longer. All she could do was taste the fairies blood and all she could think about was Ur-Jauzi. Her silly flighty sister who always seemed far too trusting of strangers. If a lindwyrm had said he was hungry Ur-Jauzi probably would have been silly enough to bring it food. Raun felt her-self shaking as she closed her eyes to try to see what was happening but again, all she could see was the terrifying darkness of the unknown. She wondered suddenly if it’d been wise to leave Myrddin behind. Her own powers didn’t seem to be working properly, so if she found Ur-Jauzi dying in a pool of her own blood Raun realized that she might not be able to save her. On the other hand Myrddin was far to reckless, if they found a lindwyrm over Ur-Jauzi body he might seek revenge and get himself killed.
"What’s going on?" she asked the trees as she got close enough to her pool that she started to know them at last.
"A fairy fell from the sky," one of them told her, "she landed in Ur-Jauzi’s waterfall."