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Primal Fairies
part 7
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Henna stepped cautiously into the field of grass. She could see an Ibex out among the meadow of wild rye but she couldn’t be certain that it was an animal. The spirit of rye often manifested itself to look like an animal and the last thing she needed was to offend one of the spirits of this land. The long horned ibex bent down to eat the grass. Henna smiled spirits did not eat their own bodies, so it was most likely an animal. She lowered her body as she made her way stealthily within throwing range.

A lindworm crawled up a small stream that ran through the rye field its tounge flickering as it tasted the the scent of the girl ahead of him. Kivi scowled when he saw the cruel dragon making its way towards the girl rage overwhelming him. His fury took hold of his mind the dragon wasn’t interested in eating, not really. The greedy creature was hunting to gain another body to bury in his hoard of food that he would never eat, never use, the greedy creature just wanted more. Kivi’s rage caused him to morph forms and grow in size as he rushed towards the lindworm. The dragon barely had time to turn its head before Kivi slammed into his throat with his razor sharp teeth. The dragon roared in rage and struck with his poisoned fangs but Kivi leapt away
narrowly avoiding the dragons deadly bite. The dragon struck again forcing Kivi back another step, than another. He could see the girl moving in closer to them out of the corner of his eye, the long stick raised up level with her head when the Pine fairy struck the dragon with a wave of wind and sharp pine needles forcing it to shut his eyes. The girl threw her spear just as the creature roared in rage sending it plunging up through the roof of the dragons mouth. The dragon roared again as it spun towards the source of the pain giving Kivi the chance he needed to grab it at the base of its head with his teeth so that the dragon wouldn’t be able to bite him.
The Pine Fairy sent another wave of energy at the dragon tearing into its open nostrils. The dragon shook in rage beating Kivi against the ground as it thrashed wildly eventually shacking him off. It lunged for the pine fairy who transformed into a bird and flew away.

Kivi backed away from the furious dragon as well, he could see the girl fleeing into the trees out of the corner of his eye and so he turned and followed the pine fairy into the forest where he was greeted by a large cluster of tree fairies.
The dragon roared with rage as it saw the army of fairies arrayed out before it, for even as angry as he was he dared not enter a forest filled with so many enemies.
“I don’t think this is as fun as I thought it would be,” the pine fairy told Kivi as she glanced nervously towards the field. “The girl seems to attract a lot of attention.”
“Animals tend to, “Kivi agreed, “I wonder how any of them manage to survive. We need to relocate that ibex so that she can go back to her family.”
“Did you see where it went? “the Pine Tree asked a young willow.
“No” the Willow told her than he asked an aspen tree who in turn asked a blackberry bush.
“There’s a ibex eating at my leaves and berries now,” the blackberry bush told them, just over the ridge.
“Take me there,” Kivi asked the blackberry bush as he stood up with a groan.

Henna owed the stone spirit a lot more than a flower necklace, but she didn’t have very much, not even her spear anymore as she was reduced to using her throwing stick. She stepped cautiously over another stream of water and tossed a small figuring into the pool below hoping that if another Lindworm was nearby the water fairy would keep in from smelling her. She thought for a moment about going back and picking the wild rye but she wouldn’t be able to carry enough to provide her family the calories they needed to survive. Only meat was calorie rich enough to do that.
“Travel east,” she heard a tiny voice inside her head whisper.
“East?” Henna asked.
“East,” the voice repeated as the tree above her head swayed causing her to glance up. She didn’t see the fairy but she knew he was there. It appears that I have a guardian she thought as she turned quickly to the east. Perhaps this would be the best place to settle. It was high enough in the mountains that the invadors chariots would have difficulty reaching it and other wise dangerous enough that the people who had invaded would likely leave it alone for some time. And it appeared that at least some of the fairies were friendly enough.

Kivi watched as the girl crept up on the ibex which was munching happily on a the dried spring blackberries which had somehow manged to make it uneaten through the winter to spring. Don’t begrudge me he whispered to the the animal, though he was only mildly concerned he’d helped wolves and fox find food before. The girl raised another stick carefully over her head then before either the goat or Kivi knew what had happened the throwing club cracked against the animals head causing it to bray with pain for a moment before all that was left in control of his body was his nerves which caused his body to twitch.

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