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Primal Fairies
part 8
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“So how did it go?” Kivi’s sister asked as he returned to the rocks where they lived.
“How did what go?” He evaded her question as he moved over the crackly leaves crunching them satisfyingly beneath his feet.
“Don’t give us that,” his younger brother said as he joined their dozens of siblings in emerging from the rocks to find out what had happened. “You went off into the forest after that ash fairy left flowers on your rock. Something must have happened.”
“Nothing really, I helped her catch a ibex to feed her family.”
“A ibex?” His sister asked incredulously. “Since when do tree fairies hunt?”
“She’s not a exactly a fairy, but she’s not exactly an animal either,” Kivi told them uncertain how to explain.
“Please may I come down,” the girl called out from high in the forest causing the rock fairies to flee back into their stony bodies as the she made her way down the side of the hill. She carefully placed the ibex head on Kivi’s rock along with her skirt.
“Thank you,” she told Kivi with a bow before walking back towards her camp.
“So strange,” the ibex’s head told Kivi with a sigh, being trapped inside ones head. “So do you think you might be able to help me out?”
“With what?” Kivi asked the goat incredulously.
“I’m not certain I want to simply be reincarnated as a goat again. I’d like to become a fairy, if you can help with that I’d be in your debt”.
Kivi nodded absently as he watched the girl flitting in and out of the trees below him.
“There is a creature far to the east,” Kivi told the ibex as he wrapped his head in the girls skirt using the energy within it to transform the ibex into a forest spirit from the east.
“So I’m going to become a wood spirit?” The ibex asked.
“You should form a body like hers in three days time,” Kivi told him.
“So long?” ibex groaned.
“Were you expecting something that impressive to happen instantly?” Kivi asked with a laugh, “you should know nature doesn’t work that quickly, three days is as fast as one can ask nature to be.”
“If you say so,” the ibex groaned.
“I wonder if I’ll ever see her again?” Kivi sighed as he watched where the girl had gone, his emotions bouncing around each of his three souls causing them to throb as they competed for dominance.
“The half-ash girl,” the ibex laughed, “what is she to you?”
“Nothing really, yet somehow she seems to have some strange power over me.”

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