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About Fablest

The Fablest is meant to be a comprehensive  tool for writers, artists and those interested in researching folk beliefs. Unlike mythology folk beliefs come from the stories which people told each other in their homes, in the bars and in the fields. These are the tales and ideas that truly shaped daily life and culture in ancient times. Yet most of the resources out there focus on mythology, stories which will interesting were not necessarily the ones story tellers told on a regular basis.

In addition to the standard lists of beings, and concepts the Fablest also  includes articles on abstract concepts in order to better help you understand fairies. This is important because while there are many different types of fairy like beings most of them don't have much information on them. So by better understanding the nature of fairies you will be able to

Writer richer, more engaging characters. The challenge many have faced when writing fairies is that it has been difficult to pin down their motivations, their personalities. With a list of types and common traits it is my hope that you'll gain inspiration to write better mythical characters.

and or

Better Understand the nature of folk religions, and the cultures from which we all come.

My hope is to help inspire you and to help you get the information you need to make your project, what ever it may be, richer and more engaging.