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About Fairies
Silent whispers in the forest, the secrets of life which have been held for a thousand years, this is what fairies are. They are the cool wind on a dark night which whistles through the trees, the eerie feeling of dread. Yet fairies are also the dancing prancing moment of inspiration, they are the happiness a person feels when they succeed.

Once upon a time people believed in fairies, more than this they believed that fairies controlled all things and were in everything from those things which brought joy to sorrow itself.

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Mushrooms and fungus are older than the trees, indeed they are the oldest and largest living things on the planet, yet what we see of them is always small, always unnoticed as it creeps through the woods learning every secret.

Fairies are vibrant beings which are always inbetween one state and the next, teaching us that the journey is where we learn and where we enjoy life.

As with fairies themselves the term 'fairy' is confusing, always changing so that it can never truly be understood. Yet at the same time the term fairy changes to fit the needs of humanity and perhaps too so do fairies. This is why they are helpers with the hunt first, helpers with the harvest second, helpers in the household third, and finally they are our hopes and dreams.

In 'Peter Pan' J. M Barrie states that fairies are the remnants of the first babies laugh, but in his tale they are so much more, they are the eternal guides into the magical world, they are that which seeks to keep us from our desire, but most of all they are a longing, a desire to be forever young.

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