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The Japanese Fairy

Over 2000 years ago the Japanese people traveled to Japan having Journeyed for thousands of miles across Siberia and through Korea to the land they would call 'The Land of the Rising Sun.'

What these hunter farmers found was a rugged land of high mountains which crashed down into the sea.

They brought with them their belief in fairy like beings known as the kami, beliefs which mixed with the beliefs of the Native Emishi peoples.

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In mythology the Japanese did battle with the local Kami as they tried to tame the wild and unruly nature fairies in order to make them useful to their purposes.

Through the help of powerful Shamanesses and warriors the Japanese Lore states that they eventually concquered and or made treaties with all the fairy like beings, and so were able to gain wisdom from them.

The most important Japanese fairy like beings are mountain Kami for these bring a good harvest. Although they are most often female mountain kami come in many forms and types.

In some cases for example what later became the mountain kami were orginally Tengu. Dangerous forest spirits which orginally appeared with the heads of raven but later appeared as long nosed, feathery humanoids.

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Japanese Kami and Yokai