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Japanese fairy tales

The Badger and the Snail

Long ago a badger called on a snail to ask the small animal to go worship with him at the temples in Ise (Ise is an area of Japan which has many ancient temples the most important of which is called Ise) For several days they journeyed to the temple and as they traveled they talked.
“Mr. Badger aren’t you bored of simply walking, perhaps we should race,” the snail suggested.
Curious as always to see who was faster the badger agreed and he began to run. But the snail had settled down on the tip of the badgers tail. The badger ran and ran as fast as he could and as soon as he cross the threshold of the temple he jumped and waved his tail for joy as he was certain he’d won. But unknown to him he threw the snail from his tail deep into the temple where it cracked against the wall so hard its shell split in two. But though she was in pain the snail managed to say: “Hey Mr. Badger your late!” I’ve been here such a long time.” For there was no way the clever snail was going to admit she’d lost.