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Sami Fairy Tales 

The Children and the Giant

Once three children snuck away to go boating in a large lake without their parents knowledge without realizing that the large mountain near the lake was haunted by a giant. So as the children had fun playing around in the lake the Giant saw them down in the water and hastened down to the beach where he hid behind a giant rock and started to call out to the children. Thinking that their parents were calling to them the children rowed to shore as fast as they could.
As soon as they got to shore the giant snatched up the children and went rushing back to his home, but as he ran many of the larger children manged to leap to the safety of the tall trees without the giant noticing. When the giant at last got home he called to his wife that he had caught some very fat children which we wanted her to prepare for a feast.
“But you have only brought two children,” the giants wife told him.
“Your crazy,” the giant cred as he looked over at his shoulder where he’d been trying to hold the children, but found that there were indeed only two very tiny children, a girl and a boy where were so thin that they seemed to be nothing more than skin and bones.
Realizing that he wouldn’t get much of a meal out of these little children until they got a bit bigger, so the Giant put them in a crate and had the giantess gave them the finest foods and invited them to eat. But the boy knew what the giantess was trying to do so he told his sister that they had to leave the most fattening foods untouched and only eat just enough to keep themselves alive.
After some time a guest came to visit the Giants, causing them to want to cook something particularly tasty. Therefor the giant went to the stable where he’d been keeping the children and asked the boy to skick a finger through a hole in the wall so that he could see how fat he was. Knowing what the giant intended the boy instead stuck a small bone out for the giant to feel. Frustrated that they boy seemed to be getting now fatter he told the girl to bare her breasts so the giant could see how fat she’d gotten. But she held up a large flat bone for him to feel through the cages.
“How can this be!?” the frustrated giant exclaimed. “The boy is still skinny and the girl is ten times worse!” Frustrated the giant threw the two boys on his back and carried them home and threw them into their hut yelling, “You have such miserable children, and I have no use for skeletons!”
The giant then ran back to his home in the mountains the ground rumbling beneath his feet.

Rauga or the Ghost

There once was a man who could never find peace as he was haunted by a ghost, for he liked to lie in his boat as it rested on the beach, but his boat always ended up being rowed away from the shore by some unknown spector. Frustrated the man finally decided to hide and wait within the boat to see if he could do anything about the ghost. The boat was extreamly cluttered so it wasn’t hard for him to hide himself away.
After he’d sat in hiding for a little while he heard the sound of heavey footsteps coming down the shore as the ghost came clomping down the beach in heavy fishing boots. He rose up into the rear of the boat where he wanted to play helmsman.
"" Fie, fie! " cried the Ghost, suddenly, "here it is dirty, can not sit here!"
So the ghost cleared the middle of the bench and, took the oars and started rowing, as it had rowed but a short while, it cried out again:
"Fie, fie, here it is too dirty!"
Then went the ghost up and sat on the front thwart right in front of where the man was hiding, but even this was too dirty.
"Fie, fie," cried the ghost again, "here it is dirty!"
"It is clean enough for me," said the same moment the man stood up and kicked the ghost in between the ghost shoulders sending him flying over the edge of the boat and out into the water.
The next morning the man went down to the shore to see if he could find any sign of the ghost but all he found was a small bone from a single finger and after that he never heard from the ghost again.

The mermaid.

Some brothers once went down to the seashore on a moonlight night to waylay a fox who used to come along the beach to find fish. While they were waiting, a mermaid came out of the sea and sat on a stone, which was not far from the beach. The younger of the brothers got ready to shoot after the mermaid, the elder, but stopped him and said:
"Shoot 'not, it might fare ill with us if we hurt it!"
Meanwhile, the mermaid sitting on the stones, combed her long hair and again the younger man wanted to shoot, but the older one held him back:
"What are you thinking? Can’t you leave her alone? She’s doing nothing! Why do you want to shoot her? "
The younger still ignoring his elder brother took careful aim and cocked his rifle to prepare to shoot. Seeing that there was no real way to dissuade his younger brother the elder called out to the mermaid.
“Watch out someone seeks to shoot you.”
So the mermaid dove back into the water. Grateful that she’d been warned however the mermaid called out to the elder brother, “If you’ll come out here at the same time tomorrow you’ll not regret it.”
So the next night the elder brother went alone to the shore and sat down on the same spot where he had spent the previous evening. He was not there long, when he saw the black fox he’d been waiting for the previous evening. Taking careful aim he shot the animal and a moment later the mermaid appeared from the sea, sat down on the same stone she had the previous evening.
She cried to the  young man, he should come to her also.
"You do not need to fear," she added, "I will do you no harm!"
After the young man had made his way to the rock the mermaid to him to sit on her back so that she could take him down into the depths of the sea and her fathers home.
The boy did as the sea woman had told him and a moment later the mermaid dove down into the ocean, and down down to the mermaids home. When they arrived on the ocean floor, the mermaid took a boat anchor, and gave it to the boy and said:
"If we come in my father will want to test how strong you are by shaking you’re hand. But he is blind so when he seeks to shake your hand use this anchor instead.”
She then lead him inside a pocket of air where the mermaids lived. The water flowed overhead like a roof but none of it dripped down onto them, and despite how deep underwater they were it was as bright as day.
The mermaid lead the young man to her father who extended his hand in greeting but the young man put the anchor out instead. The king of the ocean gripped the anchor with such force that he bent it down. Impressed that the young man hadn’t cried out in pain or that his hand hadn’t broken the father of the mermaid  gave the young man a lot of silver money. And the sea woman herself gave the young man a large gold Äecher, which had once been on the table of a king, Then they traveled back to the surface with the boy riding on the mermaids back in the same way as they had come, The young man then lived out his life as a wealthy man and always the luck on the lake with, but his younger brother, who had sought to shoot the mermaid, withered away like worm-eaten from the tree. Whatever he did from then he always had bad luck.