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Understanding Fairies and Fairy Tales
for Artists and Writers

It was mythology and ancient beliefs which inspired C.S. Lewis and Tolkien to write the books that spawned the fantasy revolution. is dedicated to helping Artists and Writers gain a better understanding of fairies and fairy tales so that they can create more compelling works. We do this by writing articles explaining in detail the nature of fairies and or the history of people's belief in fairies.

In addition we are translating a number of fairy tales into English in order to make them available online for the first time..

Understanding the Nature of Fairies
What are Fairies
The Relation Between Humans and Fairies.
Tree Fairies
Forces of Nature
Water Fairies

Fairies of the Land

Animals Spirits 

Deities of the past

Humans who become fairies

Fairies are the Dead

Fairies are Their own Class of Beings

Historical Understanding of Fairies
In Search of Neolithic Europe's Folk Religion
Search for Europe's Goddesses

Fairy Tales Translated by
Mari-El - Europe's last pagans
Japanese Fairy Tales
Russian Fairy Tales

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