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Kuschige and the Monkey

Kuschige lived for many years on a country estate at Kitayama where he would often go hunting for game, including a monkey which he shot one day. A short time later he moved to the city but no sooner had he arrived than he grew violently ill. Though is doctor was able to remove the most pressing danger Kuschige remained constantly ill and the doctor worked in vain to return his health again. The doctor told Kuschige that perhaps a snake prepared as medicine would be able to cure him, so Kuschige asked the village head of Oohara to give him a snake if oen was found which the villages head did after some time. Kuschige prepared the snake as the doctor had instructed and ate it. However rather than getting better the disease assumed a more dangerous character.
The doctor was astonished by this and realized that something supernatural had to be at work, that something evil had been visiting Kuschige so he turned to Kuschige’s brothers who were Buddhist priests for help. Kuschige’s brother build an alter of earth and had only been praying and incanting over this alter for a few minutes when they found the large monkey which had been cursing Kuschige. The two priests sought to grab hold of the monkey but this was in vain for it escaped their hands and disappeared without a trace.