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The Sword of the Fox

At the beginning of the tenth century when Emperor Jtschijo still ruled Japan their lived a famous blacksmith nambed Munetschika who could forge the best swords found anywhere in the world. And since he had time and was free of personal troubles each time he created something it was always the best thing he’d ever forged.
During Jtschijo’s reign the world was filled with many dangers, and their were many wars and enemies, even from the Koreans who had once been subjugated by Japan earlier. Amid all this turmoil the Emperor died and his success Emperor Sanjo angered the Koreans such that they declared war. At this time an oracle declared that a new sword would be needed to defeat the enemy. So the Emperor sent Taschibana one of his bravest warriors to help create the forge which the blacksmith needed to create the sword to defeat their enemy.
Munetschika was surprised by the sudden order and as much as he wanted to fulfill the commands of the emperor he was unable to do so for he and no assistants who could aid with this. Munetschika and Taschibana were both heart broken at the thought of being unable to fulfill their mission. As they sat together worrying about what they would do a white fox appeared as the emissary of the great goddess Inari. The fox told the blacksmith that everything was going to be alright and that Munetschika should prepare the forge. Then with the assistance of the fox who performed equal to the best assistant Munetschika could possibly have hoped for that soon a magnificent sword ermerged from the forge.
Full of joy and pride Munetschika took the sword up and praised the kami which had facilitated his work. He was proud to put his seal upon the blade, and a little surprised to note the image of a fox stamped to the left of his seal as a sign that a fox had helped create the weapon at the behest of the kami.
Overjoyed Tatschibana brought the precious sword to the Emperor in Kyoto which was handed over to a great general from the illustrious family of Taira who was then order to draw it against Korea. And with the help of the magnificent sword Japan soon won the war.
Since that time the sword has been part of the imperial treasuring and his carefully preserved as it is held in high esteem.