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The Skull

A man was suffering from horrible headaches which no physician could find a cause for. So he finally turned to the sublime, benevolent Kami Kwannon, pleading with her for help. The Kami answered his prayers through a priest, letting him know that the man needed to go into the forest, and that his wondering would bring him to the right location. Once their he would see the cause of his suffering so he could remove it easily.
So he went into the woods and it was here that he found a human skull half buried in the earth. Upon examining the skull closer he found that a small tree grew around it who’s roots were surrounding and crushing it. The man realized at once that this skull had belonged to his previous life, and so was tied to him. So he removed the rood and put the skull in a safe place and immediately his headache was gone. Greatful to the Kami for the help she provided he then praised Kwannon.