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Wales is one of the lands of the Fairy, with a rich set of fairy tales about children playing with fairies, and folklore of the fairy court. In this section you can read about mortal kings who trade places with fairy kings and children who defeat giants.
Keep in mind that fairy tales are a snap shot of the emotions and feelings of a people at the time they are told. And so it is with these stories from from Wales, for at a time when they where feeling national pride surge these stories where penned with the intention of celebrating their greatness and the beauty of their land. for this reason you will see much pride in these stories, as the writer will tend to discuss the history of Wales as much as its folklore.

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The Fairy Tale Story: Fairy Tales do not normally come from high origins, rather the fairytale are the peasant stories they are the folklore of daily life, passed on for generations, and from village to village. This is what makes folktales so interesting for these old wives tales as they where once called have changed and passed hand so many times that they have in essince become a mean of humanity, a conglomerate of the emotions, thoughts and experiences. As peasant tales the fairytale is a snapshot of the way normal people lived at the various times of our life, making them an often stark and harsh stories. Stories of child abandonment, lust, fear, cannibalism, and hatred. However these stories are also tales of success and love, they are stories of hope.
 For the folktales of the past are the stories to entertain the peasants in a way that was very easy for them to relate to. Lets not exaggerate the reality of such stories then, for as we watch the horror stories of today paraded unrealistically in front of us we must remember that stories are not real, they merely resemble reality, and the potential experiences, fears, and dreams and our lives. is intended to be a place to do more then simply read fairytales but as a place to come to an understanding of their meaning, and history. As time goes on we will write articles on the fairy tales of the world.