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The Art of Raven's Shire
A gallery of art inspired by the stories of Raven's Shire

Raven's Shire Fairies Tales
A Bunnik

Steam as thick as darkness mingles with the scent of old pine boards within the ancient bath house where a bunnik lay resting, sleeping, dreaming of the sun and the rain. Remembering when he was a fur tree growing; rising higher and higher with his brothers and sisters. Squirrels playing among his branches, stealing his seeds.
The Bunnik wakes. Walking pacing the bath house, claws of iron scraping hard wood. Rough feet sanding the edges to a smooth sheen. Wood dust rises and the smell grows. The bunnik rests once more.
Cuddling the darkness, the dull and dim beauty of the sauna.
People pass in and out and rest beside him, feeling his presence, beautiful and strange like reverence at a church. Rough hands scrape people as they wash with bars of lye and fat to warn of danger, of the wrong path. Soft hands pat them when they are right. But no one ever sees him. The bunnik is always alone.

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