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The Art of Raven's Shire
A gallery of art inspired by the stories of Raven's Shire

Raven's Shire Fairies Tales
A Forest King Goes Hunting

The shadows from the mountain forest stretched out like talons across the village as Waldkon lay back in a bed of moss and ground his teeth in frustration. He’d managed to kill nearly an entire village and the plague had been set to wipe out many more. Than a Hawthorn Tree had fallen in love with a human girl. Who could have expected such a thing? Surely the tree could see at least some of what he saw. Surely he must know it would spell the death of the forest to allow the humans to live. The Forest King growled in fury as he thought of another way to kill the humans.
The wolves let out a chorus of howls as the moon started to rise into the sky and Waldkon smiled a feral smile. It was time to take his new packs of wolves hunting. Not for sheep as they had been but for the shepherds and woodsmen. He rose from the bed of moss and let out a howl of his own calling the wolves to him. The woodsmen and shepherds would be returning home now. Easy prey.

The Old Männlein Saves the Wood Cutters
Only the moonlight could show what was in the darkness beyond the woodsmen’s lamps light as they made their way quickly down the forest paths amidst a chorus of howls. They glanced nervously into that shadowy realm within the trees where they could see the wolves following along side them. In a heartbeat the wolves were all around them. Another howl closed the circle of wolves.
The woodsmen scrambled up into the trees to escape the wolves teeth as the animals set upon them. Thinking themselves safe the woodsmen watched the wolves snarl and growl below them.
The moonlight bent, attracted to another shadow which emerged from the forest his eyes glinting coldly.
Waldkon smiled as he watched the men hiding like frightened squirrels in the trees they’d sought to cut down.
“Lower your branch’s,” Waldkon told his grandchildren and obediently the trees bent down to the ground towards the wolves which were waiting below.
First one than another of the woodsmen were pulled from the bending trees by the pack of wolves. Their screams sending an added chill into the village below where people debated whether they should enter the dark forest to help. Wondered if they could help, for on that night they sensed the Forest King in full fury.
Rumpelstiltskin, the ancient Männlein could hear the woodsmen screaming long before the night had begun and so he rushed through the stillness of the forest to arrive just as the trees bent low to give up the humans huddled in them.
“Stand tall!” the Männlein ordered the trees using his force of will to make them comply against the desires of their king.
Waldkon flew into a rage and like a storm descended on the Männlein, who hopped quickly through the forest luring the King and his wolves from the woodsmen.

The Forest Kings Realization
Waldkon watched the villages which lay along the cost from atop the clouds. The Männlein had tricked him away from the woodsmen. It had been easy to do for he realized now that he lived simply on rage. He realized that rage, that the death of a few woodsmen could never stop the humans. To stop them he would need to manipulate them. To corrupt them from within the way a tree rots until it collapses in on itself.
It shouldn’t be hard the Forest King whispered for the Männlein’s own manipulation was leaving him an opening. First, however, he would need to plan more and to corrupt the fairies which protected the villages, starting with the one they called “Little Red Hood.”

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