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The Art of Raven's Shire
A gallery of art inspired by the stories of Raven's Shire

Raven's Shire Fairies Tales
Prayer to a Forgotten God

Ember shivered in the dark waters. The muck squished beneath her as she lay among the reeds staring up at the bottom of the thick layer of dark green algae that lay on the surface of the water. She was humming softly to herself a sound which was both beautiful and sad, a sound which had lured many men to their death. But on this morning it wasn’t loud enough to escape the surface of the water so only the fish and turtles came to listen.
“You can’t keep going on like this you know,” a cheerful voice bubbled beside her letting Ember know that some obnoxious happy little nix had come to join her.
“Its been two thousand years,” Ember sighed not bothering to turn her head to look at the happy little fairy. “Two thousand years today,” she sighed again. “That’s the day when I lost everything. It’s a long time; even by our standards and I’ve gone on like this since then. So why couldn’t I continue on like this?”
“Okay than,” the nix allowed as she put her face above Ember’s forcing the former fire goddess to look her in the eyes. “You shouldn’t go on like this,” the nix informed her. “People don’t live very long; they forget things, forget us, it happens and we need to move on.”
But Ember wasn’t listening as recognition came. She reached up and touched the nix’s blue colored hair. “Anga?” Ember asked in wonder. “You’re the air and the sky.”
“Not any more,” the nix who had once been Anga told Ember. “I’ve accepted my place. Now I’m a nix. And lets be honest being a nix is a lot more fun then lying in the muck at the bottom of a lake. You're not a turtle or a catfish after all. Its been two thousand years today since the last prayer was offered to us. It's time to move on.”
“Fire, Fire dance with my food and make it taste as sweet as your song,” a small voice whispered sadly from the shore of the lake causing Ember to close her eyes.
“Granted,” she whispered softly.
“That wasn’t a prayer,” the nix once known as Anga informed Ember. “It’s true that people asked that of you but now children just sing that as a goofy rhyme when they’re playing games and this child didn’t even use your name.”
“She called for Fire. Why should I care what language she spoke to me in? And it was a prayer,” Ember disagreed. “The child isn’t playing. Listen to her weeping, she’s sad and alone in the deep dark forest. It’s a wonder that one of the other fairies hasn’t already devoured her. And she’s obviously starving; I can feel her hunger from here.”
“So it's an accident,” Anga pressed.
“Not for much longer,” Ember grinned as she poked her head  out among the reeds at the edge of the lake her dark red hair contrasting against the green of the algae, but the girl didn’t notice for the tears in her eyes. She was tiny from poor nutrition, her hair the color of pale flax. She was obviously the poorest of the poor. Descended from those who had once worshiped Ember before being conquered by another people. She was by all appearances a pathetic creature. But Ember could see beyond those appearances and what she saw caused her to grin her fire yellow teeth flashing against the morning light.
“What are you planning?” The nix whispered as she came up to join Ember.
“I’m planning to gain my first follower in two thousand years, to take back part of what I lost,” Ember explained as she approached the child grabbing a large fish as she went.
“Have this” Ember called to the child as she tossed her the trout causing the girl to jump with startled surprise. She stood only for a moment looking at the offered gift before she fell on it so hungry she began devouring it raw causing Ember to blanch.
“You asked me to dance with your food,” Ember told the child. “To make it taste good, so you should cook it.”
“I don’t have any fire,” the child told her nervously.
“You have no need to worry about that,” Ember told her. “From now on all you need to do is touch something and say Palo, Palo and it will burn as much as you want it to. No matter what it is.”
“Palo Palo?” The girl repeated causing the fish in her hands to sizzle and cook instantly. Yet despite how hot it grew it couldn’t burn the child for nothing would ever burn the girl again.
“Exactly,” Ember smiled.

The Forgotten God Trains a Witch

The frogs began croaking from atop the dark green algae as night fell over the forest and everything came alive like the moment a performance begins and the audience grows hush to listen to the orchestra. The crickets started chirping and the fireflies danced into the night.
By their light and the light of the moon and stars the nyx who had been an ancient goddess of fire known as Ember, whispered secrets into Sennett’s ear as she brushed the young girls hair.
The howling of wolves joined the nights chorus as it echoed through the forest. Ember could feel Sonnett begin to shiver with fear as their song grew louder.
“We do not fear the wolves,” Ember told the child. “For they serve the Forest King and he fears fire, fears us too much to ever anger us. You are now the thing the wolves fear,” Ember explained as she worked through a knot in Sonnett’s hair. “It is with your help that we’ll take back our kingdom, take back what was lost to us,” Ember smiled gently as she thought of what might come to pass.
A thousand years before the people who’d worshiped her had been conquered and the gods of the new people had come to supersede her. So it was that Ember had come to dwell in the forest; nothing more than a spirit, a fairy, a shadow of what she had once been.
“Vanity,” the ancient goddess explained to the young girl, “is one of the best ways to bring about a person's downfall. For in the end it is vanity which drives us to try to achieve greater things. If someone does not seek or fall victim to vanity than their downfall will be easy for they do not care for themselves or greatness. Your greatest power however will come from desire, from love. For through love comes trust and through trust comes an opportunity for power.”
“Close your eyes and envision a palace rising up around you; envision the people who mistreated you, mistreated us becoming your servants,” Ember whispered gently as she put her lips to Sonnett’s ear. “Imagine having everything you desire,” Ember whispered to the orphan who had only days before been starving alone in the forest. “Imagine all the power in the kingdom. Being safe, being warm, being adored forever,” Ember sang gently into the girl's ear.
How? Sennett asked as she envisioned the perfect life.
You're going to marry the king, Ember whispered to her.
But how? Sennett pondered uncertainty. He is already married. They have a young child.
“In five years time, when you are ready, he will no longer be married,” Ember assured her as she brushed her fingers through the girls hair. “When you’re ready none will be able to look away from you for you’ll hold everyone in your spell.”

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