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The Art of Raven's Shire
A gallery of art inspired by the stories of Raven's Shire

Raven's Shire Fairies Tales
The Forest Kings

Two kings of the forest stalked beside each other; glaring each other eye to eye where their woodland kingdoms met. Trees bent aside for them as they passed and the animals went silent afraid to even breath, sensing their anger.
“Nothing you can say or do will ever allow me to forgive you,” Waldkon growled with an ancient voice that crackling like dry leaves.
“Nothing is to be served by war,” the other forest king informed Waldkon his voice echoing through the woods like a cascading of whispers.
“Something must be done however,” Waldkon growled. “For the nymph you have stolen as your lover was a dear daughter to me.”
“She is dear to me as well,” the other replied as they stalked each other silently again. “Perhaps,” the younger said after an hour had passed, “I could give you something in return?”
“You have taken the sun and the night from me,” Waldkon scowled. “Taken the spring and the autumn. What can replace that?”
“I can offer you a daughter of my own perhaps?”
“I do not need another daughter or another lover,” Waldkon scowled.
“Half the squirrels of my forest, perhaps?” the other probed.
“I do not wish for more food,” Waldkon shook his head. “For lambs and men abound in my lands and they already eat plenty of my plants.”
“Half my wolves than?” the other compromised. “To eat the lambs and men that hurt your plants.”
“If you win at tallfwrdd than you shall give me half your wolves and all will be well between us,” Waldkon allowed. “Should you lose, however, you’ll return my daughter to me.”
The other nodded his agreement reluctantly, yet glad to have a chance to avoid a war between them.
So they laid out the board for the game and Waldkon chose to play the rebels while the other chose to play the king and princes.
They pondered each move as carefully as a tree ponders the nature of the earth. The sun set and neither had an advantage. The sun rose and the other king was winning. The sun set again and the Waldkon was winning. Three days passed such with each taking his turn in the lead until at last Waldkon realized loosing might be winning so the the other finally won the game. As agreed half his wolves entered Waldkon’s forests which surrounded the villages of Lochshire and Whispershire. As darkness fell over the land the people shuddered as they heard the sound of thousands of new wolves calling to their mother the moon.

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