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The Art of Raven's Shire
A gallery of art inspired by the stories of Raven's Shire

Raven's Shire Fairies Tales
Cunning has a child with the Hawthorn Tree

The Child of a Cunning and a Hawthorn Tree
Aileana hefted a bucket of water into the house to explain her absence to the twelve men she lived with as a simple visit to the well just after the cock crowed a second time. In truth she’d been been in the forest all night with the spirit of the Hawthorn Tree speaking of love and learning the secrets of the cunning, the witches art.
The men were already up and eating the breakfast the house fairy Aileana had secretly called to do her chores for her had prepared for them. The little house fairy was hiding now behind the hearth. He’d been the first gift she’d received from the Hawthorn Tree. A few moments later the men were heading out into the fields. Thinking she was alone at last Aileana got ready to sleep so she could be up all night again with the Hawthorn Tree when she heard a cough from the men’s bedroom. She knocked on the door but instead of a voice she was greeted by a horrible hacking sound.
“Hello?” Aileana whispered as she peeked into the room to see her youngest brother hacking away, looking as grey as the slate colored river and covered in sweat. Aileana sucked in her breath as she recognized the plague which had nearly wiped out the neighboring town.
She pressed a wet rag to his head and tended to him through the day so by evening fall she was so exhausted she could barely stand. But he only got worse wilting like a soft flower in the hot sun. Aileana felt her heart sinking as she began to give into dispiar when the the other men returned home coughing and grey, too ill to eat anything they went straight to bed. Aileana worried they would not wake again; so she rushed out to the the edge of the village, than to the edge of the trees and into the forest until at last she collapsed sobbing before the Hawthorn Tree.
“Why are you crying/” the Hawthorn Tree asked as he stroked her head.
“Those I live with are dying of the plague,” she told him with a sob.
“Don’t be afraid,” the Hawthorn tree told her as he laid her head in his lap and comforted her. “For I promised you many secrets, have given them freely to you, and here’s another. Wrap a piece of fresh pork in my leaves and soak it for an hour in a bucket of water with a few drops of your blood. Feed this to anyone with this plague and they will be healed.”
“Thank you,” Aileana told the fairy before she plucked twelve leaves from his branches.
As the Hawthorn tree promised by morning the twelve men were well again but the plague had already spread to the rest of the village so Aileana spent another sleepless day healing the village.
At first the village was grateful for Aileana’s powers. And all was well as spring turned to summer the crops grew high and people asked the plants to bless the sky so it would rain. When the leaves started to show red Aileana smelled the scent of the ripening fruit which grew heavy on the Hawthorn Tree’s branches and hungered for it. So she plucked the bright red berries and devoured them and as she ate her stomach swelled.
Whispers began to follow behind her as people wondered how she’d come to gain the powers she suddenly had now that the crisis had passed. The leaves began to fall from the trees and wonder turned to fear as people saw her growing stomach and whispered of the devils she might bare forth into their village. For surely it was not a human child that the cunning witch carried.
The first snow was falling and Aileana was vomiting when the twelve men she lived with returned home in a rush and started packing.
The village is afraid of that which grows inside you the men told her, so we’re going to flee with you to find a new home.
Aileana, however, wished to be alone with the child’s father so she thanked them each in turn for their concern but  fled to the Hawthorn Tree alone and told him what was happening. To get her and their child safely away from the village the Hawthorn Tree carried her deep into the forest.
The snow fell thick in across the branches and the animals came out of the mountains for the winter. In a grove of muttering willows Aileana screamed and breathed as she gave birth to a young hawthorn tree named Ddraenen Wen.

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